Think! Education

Theme 5: Bright is right! (Be Bright, Be Seen)

Learning objectives

  • For children to know that it is important for other road users to be able to see them.
  • For children and parents to know that wearing bright or fluorescent clothing (in daytime) and reflective clothing (at night) will help to keep them safe when near traffic.

Vocabulary to be developed

Bright, armband, fluorescent, reflective, traffic, road, car, safe.

Curriculum links for the 'Bright is right' activities are provided.


Activity 1: Introducing the theme – a story about a little girl learning about how it is important to dress brightly in the dark.

Activity 2: Be Bright, Be Seen – children play an online game, identifying which children are dressed brightly enough to be visible to drivers.

Activity 3: Colour me bright – children colour in children’s clothing so that it is bright enough to be seen by drivers.

Extension activity

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