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What else is online?

On this site you can download 'home-link' sheets activity ideas on different road safety topics which link to the THINK! Education classroom activities that your child may have taken part in at school or nursery.

You may wish to visit the pupils' area, where you'll find road safety games and stories to use with your child. - new window Look for Road Safety: hot topics
The government's official road safety website. This contains guidance for all road users and has detailed information about the law regarding car seats. - new window
A very useful site from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. It gives comprehensive advice about all aspects of child car restraints and has excellent illustrations. - new window
For comprehensive information on car seats and the law. - new window
Road Safety GB, formerly LARSOA. Check the 'contacts' section for details of your Road Safety Officer or contact for further information. - new window
A site with games, quizzes and activities for children. It also has a parents' section where you can test your own road safety knowledge! - new window
Bikeability is the new national standard cycling award scheme, developed by the Department for Transport and various cycling bodies. From here you can find out where your nearest cycle training scheme for children is. You can also find out about cycle training in your area by contacting a local Road Safety Officer.
You may wish to investigate Kerbcraft, a well-researched and developed practical programme to help children aged 5–7 to learn to cross the road safely in real-life situations. Many local authorities train volunteers to work with children and school staff.