Text version for 'Yasmin's story'

A holiday to Ankara. Flying out on Saturday. The whole family. Ankara's in Turkey. What an adventure. Everyone was so excited. We were going over there so Nanna that could meet the new baby for the first time.  She was excited too; phoning every weekend, nearly.

Lucky?  Luuuuuu-cky?  Here puss, puss..? 

That’s 'Lucky'. Lucky the cat. My cat. He's a big softy really.  If he was here now he'd be purring away.  You never heard such a loud purr.  He's a bit naughty with other cats... fighting and that but the best thing is he's really streetwise.  He won't go near the road outside.  He's one smart cat. He's had injections for the cattery and everything. Ready for his holidays too.

I've never seen Dad so excited. He fancies himself taking foreign languages courses. Yeah!  Even bought a DVD on teach yourself Turkish... To impress Nanna, mainly.  He's never watched it.  He only called me his 'little Turkish delight...'. Straight up.  I wouldn't mind but we were in the queue at the checkout! I love him to bits, I love him. But he can be so ... well, Dad. The whole trip's meant so much to him...
Our Jess, that’s my big sister, she was all over it. Every night she was online, talking to all our cousins in Turkey and sending photos of the baby. The baby’s nearly two now but they've never seen him and everyone was dead excited as well.  Dad was getting really wound up because he couldn't fit all the baby stuff into the suitcase... The week before the summer holidays.

I'm walking back from school with Kelly's mum. She's pushing their Darren in the buggy and we're on the High Street. Darren starts crying and she stops to look for his dummy.  Then I hear someone calling my name.  "Yasmin!  Hey, Yas!" Like that.  It's only Angie Pierce and some of her friends!  She's outside the newsagents waving the latest Girls Week and saying I can borrow it.  Me.  Brilliant!  One of the 'popular girls' from Year 6 and she's calling me.  Our Jess gets Girls Week – full of cool stuff as well - but says I'm too young, even though she’s only one year older. So unfair... And there's Angie. Calling and waving at me.
I should've stayed with Kelly's mum but she was busy with their Darren.  Angie's waving at me and... I just can't help it: just run over and say 'Hi'.  That's okay, right?  Just friendly, like.  There's a pelican crossing down the way but the girls are already walking away... So I run straight towards them between two parked cars... I... I didn't look at all. 

I never saw it coming.  I just didn't look. The driver didn’t even have a chance of seeing me.

Weird... Cos you don't really know anything about it. You don't. They told me later it was dead scary but... The driver could never have stopped in time. I do remember... someone asking me my name but that's all.  When I woke up I was really confused and when I tried to move – oh wow it hurt. I knew about it then.  Broke an arm, three ribs and stitches in my wrist.

Lucky would never do that.  He's way too smart... I cried. A lot. I woke up and saw Mum and Dad smiling through tears.  I'd really upset them. You know what? I wish I was Doctor Who. I do; because then I could go back and use the proper crossing, couldn't I?  It was only a bit further along...

The nurse said I was really lucky. If the car was going any faster, I... I can't fly with broken ribs. Not allowed.  If I could undo it all; if I could use the pelican crossing. If I could... just make it all better.  The Doctor said "Saturday?! No. Out of the question, I'm afraid." The whole family's going to miss their holiday in Turkey. I feel so bad.

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