Text version for 'A safe place to sit'

Az and Molly were excited. Molly's dad was driving them to the park to go on the new play equipment. They ran to the car. 'Hurry up, Dad,' said Molly.

'Right, into your booster seats you two,' said Dad. 'I'll check you're strapped in properly.'

'Aw, can't we just wear the seat belts like you?' said Molly. 'It'll save time,' 'No, Molly, I only need a seat belt because I'm taller than you. But booster seats keep you safe, you know that. Come on.'

Soon they were on their way, but not far from the park Molly's dad stopped the car. 'What's up? said Az. He wanted to get on the new wooden fort. 'There's a big queue of traffic,' said Molly's dad. 'I don't know why.'

They waited and waited. Molly and Az were fed up. Then a police officer came to the car. Dad opened his window. 'What's the hold up, officer?' He asked. 'There's been a collision up ahead, I'm afraid, Sir,' said the policewoman. 'A young girl was hurt when the car she was in hit the car in front quite hard. She was wearing a seat belt without a booster and she slipped under the belt. 'Oh dear,' said Molly's dad.

A few minutes later the traffic started to move and they finally arrived at the park. Dad stopped the car at the side of the road. Az opened his door and got out onto the pavement.

But Molly opened her door onto the road. She stepped out just as her dad called, 'Stop Molly!' A motorcycle zoomed past close to Molly.

'I'm alright,' said Molly. But she was very frightened.

'Molly, you know you must never get out of a car on the side next to the road,' said Dad. He was very cross.

'I'm sorry Dad, I'll remember,' said Molly.

Az and Molly played very quietly at the park, they had a lot to think about.

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