Text version for 'Mr Lumpy's journey big book'

‘Come on, Jake, we’re going to Granny’s in the car now,’ said Mum.

‘Can Mr Lumpy come too?’ said Jake.

Jake, in his bedroom, reached for an old, slightly battered teddy.

‘All right, but be careful with him – he’s a very old teddy.’

Jake cheered. Mr Lumpy was his favourite.

Jake climbed onto the back seat of the car.

‘Come on,’ said Dad, ‘into your booster seat. I’ll strap you in.’

Jake stuck out his lip. ‘I don’t like the booster seat. Ben next door doesn’t have one.’

‘Ben’s bigger and older than you,’ said Mum as Dad fastened Jake’s seat belt.

Jake put Mr Lumpy on the back seat next to him.

‘Silly booster seat,’ he whispered as they drove along.

Just then, a big dog ran out into the road right in front of the car.

Jake’s Mum pressed the brake hard and Jake felt himself jerk forwards suddenly. The car stopped.

‘Are you OK, Jake?’ said Dad, turning round.

Jake was scared. ‘I think so.’ He felt sort of shaky.

‘And thank goodness we didn’t hit the dog,’ said Mum.

‘But where’s Mr Lumpy?’ said Jake. His teddy wasn’t on the back seat.

‘Here he is,’ said Dad. ‘He was thrown this way when we stopped suddenly.’ Dad reached down to pick up Mr Lumpy from next to his feet.

‘Oh dear,’ said Mum.

Jake leaned forwards to see. ‘What’s the matter?’ he asked.

Mr Lumpy did not look well. The stitches on his back had split open and some of his stuffing had fallen out. Jake nearly started to cry.

‘He must have hit the gear stick,’ said Mum. ‘But don’t worry – we’ll mend him.’

Jake hugged poor old Mr Lumpy. ‘I’m glad this didn’t happen to me,’ he said, feeling the straps on his booster seat.

Mum and Dad nodded and they set off slowly. Jake holding Mr Lumpy to his chest.

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