Text version for 'Kerr's story'

Mr Roberts says you have to stay cheerful.  Forget about feeling sorry for yourself and think what it'll be like when you're raring to go again: PMA. He calls it; positive mental attitude.  Stay cheerful. Mr Roberts takes PE. He's a teacher but he's alright, really.

I'm already playing for the district team.  But if I'm gonna play at an even higher level, he says, it's gonna take practice, practice and even more practice... Dev forgot his kit last time and made him do laps of the school hall in his sister’s tracksuit.  Brilliant! 

Me, Dev and Stu are always sending well funny messages to each other.  They're my best mates... They'll be having a kick around about now.

At first it was great being off school.  But now... I bet it feels like this in prison...

I'm going to miss my chance to play in the county trials, now.  All the top scouts from the big teams go to these matches, you know.  That's where they find people who are going to be “a big noise”.  PMA, PMA...

Going to see the specialist next week. Got another operation this time. I'm not scared though. It was on a Saturday morning.  I got a text from Stu to say 'C U in the park'. I tided the breakfast things away and I had to be back for twelve on the dot. Early lunch on match days.

So, I grabbed my MP3 and my mobile.  I have to keep it up there so little sister can't get at it.  Maggie – she’s only three but she's always into my stuff.  So I kept it up there so she can’t get it... Ha! 

It was spitting outside so I grabbed my grey parka.  The one with the well nice hood... So, I'm on me way and next thing I get a text from Dev: Where R U?  So I stop to send a funny reply... Only because my hood's up and I've got my musicon I don't see or hear the car backing out of the drive.  He was only going slow but he just didn't see me...

My right arm's sore but just bruised. The broken leg's more serious because it's like a real professional injury like the well famous players get.  Well, you see your thigh bone – well, I've got a break in my left one.  That’s why I have to lie still.  The Doctor says there's some bad ligament damage as well... that's the bit of muscle that holds the knee together. The bones, I mean.  You should've seen it swell up... and it hurt like something rotten.

The specialist says I'll have to stay in hospital this time.  They don't know when I can play football again.  It could be a long time. All I can hear is Mr Roberts saying "Concentrate, son, focus. Come on Kerr." If only I'd worn my white training top.  The really bright one.  Put my hood down.  Left the MP3 at home…  Stop, look, listen...  You never think of using that walking on the pavement do you?  All I had to do was concentrate and... I'd be with my mates now... Right now.

Through to the new signing, back from injury... They reckon he’s going to be a big noise they.  He goes one way... past one, past two, dummies the keeper and...

Yeeeeeeeerrsse!  It's How-aaard!  Kerr Howard... scores!

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