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Az and Mum were shopping for shoes along the busy high street. 'We need to cross the road,' she said. They were at a bus stop. 'Letís cross here,' said Az. Is a bus stop a good place to cross the road?

A bus stop is not a good place to cross, because if a bus is there, or if one arrives, it could block your view of the traffic.

Az and Mum walked along and came to a bend in the road. There was no bus here, so Az said 'Mum, this is a safe place to cross.' Is Az right?

Az was not right! It is not safe to cross where there is a bend in the road, as you wonít be able to see if any traffic is coming.

Az and his mum walked a little further, still looking for a safer place to cross. Az stopped by a pedestrian crossing. 'This looks like a good place, Mum.' Is he right?

Yes! A pedestrian crossing is a good place to cross if you wait until the green man shows and the traffic stops.

Az's mum told him to press the button then to wait. 'What are we waiting for?' asked Az. What must Az and his mum wait to see, the green man or the red man?

The green man shows when to cross the road.

The green man came on, and Az pulled at Mum's hand. 'Wait,' she said, 'we still need to make sure the traffic has stopped.' Az said ĎBut I thought we just waited for the green man.' Who is right?

Mum is right. You must wait until the traffic has stopped or the road is clear before you cross.

The traffic stopped. 'Keep looking and listening,' said Mum. But Az wanted to run across. At last they reached the other side safely! Is it right to walk or run across the road?

You should always walk when crossing the road!

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