Text version for 'Alisha's story'

If I was a bird I could go anywhere I wanted... like when I close my eyes sometimes.

Way up high in a blue, blue sky. Far, far away in warm, beautiful sunshine. Dancing on air to the sea. 

This is the worst time. If I listen really hard I can hear my mates. They’d be going to school about now. Lucky things. I wish I was. I wish I could go out in the sunshine.  Just to watch the others play. I can hear them after school as well running around in the courtyard. Laughing. I'd know Gillian's laugh anywhere. Daddy says she laughs like a drain.

When I feel sad I practise my flute. Music makes me happy.  I can't hold it up at the moment or take deep breaths. I'm too sore... It's just not fair. I hate it. I can't stop thinking about what happened. We all went to the seaside.  It was going to be brilliant. Not just us; Gillian's family as well. Daddy gave our booster seat to little Barrett. I'm too big now. I got to sit in the front, next to Mummy.

It was so sunny. So hot in the car.  So hot.  Heavy, sweaty seatbelt... Seagulls!  Seagulls; everywhere.  Can you smell that? That's the sea!  And..? Chips!  Candy floss!  Sweets! I'm going to splash the water.  Cool, cool water. Feel the wind in my hair.  Nearly there. Water and sand; squidgy sand, squish between the toes... Yaaay!  Car park!  Everybody out!  "Not yet!"  Says Mummy.

Heeeeyy!  Donkeys!  I see donkeys!  Undo seatbelt – too hot – want to see better... Yaaay; I can see.

Scary. I shot right out of my seat. Crashed into the windscreen and banged my head.  All I know is that my arm aches a lot and my chest really hurts when I breathe deeply.  Apparently, I’ve pulled a muscle or two. Mummy was okay... and the others in the back,  frightened but okay. They had their seatbelts to save them. The cars were only going slowly but I was so scared.  When I asked him, Daddy, Alisha, said yes the car will take lots of money to fix.  No, not millions... but a lot of money.

The other car was looking for a space too but the lady was going the wrong way... I'm not allowed to see my friends now because we all get too excited the Doctor says. They came a couple of times but they made me laugh a lot and that makes my chest really hurt. 

I was lucky.  It could have been a lot worse.  But my chest hurts and I can't hold my flute because my arm is so sore... I can't do anything I want to.  I won't see the sea again.  Not for a long time anyway.

If I was a bird I could fly away and never be lonely again. All I did was take off a stupid seatbelt. Stupid, stupid seatbelt... Stupid, stupid me. It's just not fair.

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