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RoSPA Advanced Riding Test

Why should I do the RoSPA Advanced Riding test?

Bikers should aspire to be the best rider they can be! Passing your motorcycle test doesn’t mean you’ve learnt everything there is to know about riding, rather riders should consider it as the first step in a continual learning curve. The RoSPA Advanced Motorcycling Test is the next step on that curve.

Advanced riding is about using a deliberate, skilful, and responsible riding technique. Riders are taught the four-phase system of motorcycle control and how to apply it to every riding situation so you’re able to anticipate and control situations to reduce your risk of an accident. Unlike car drivers who can rely on in-car protection in a crash, riders have only their knowledge, skills and attitudes to help keep them safe on the road so learning to ride according to the principles of advanced riding can really reduce your vulnerability on the road.

What does the test involve?

The RoSPA Advanced Riding Test is an on-road riding test lasting between 45 – 75 minutes covering as many different road types and traffic conditions as possible, from rural lanes to motorways. Riders typically prepare for the test by joining their local RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders (RoDAR) group who provide as much FREE riding tuition as the rider needs to help them prepare for the test. During the test, riders need to demonstrate a systematic and defensive approach to riding and an ability to ride in all situations and make safe, consistent progress.

At the end of the test riders are given a bronze, silver or gold award based on a range of criteria including:

Gold riders

  • Only awarded to riders who show a consistently high standard of riding ability throughout the test. 
  • They have a thorough understanding of Motorcycle Roadcraft and can apply those principles to every situation, riding in a calm, controlled and conscious manner able to asses and take control of every situation.  

Silver riders

  • Ride to a very high standard
  • They show a thorough understanding of the principles of Motorcycle Roadcraft and apply them to situations that occur during the test although not always consistently.

Bronze riders

  • Show they have an understanding of, and the ability to apply, the principles of advanced riding
  • They demonstrate a good level of observation and anticipation but are not always consistent in doing so throughout the test. 

How much does it cost?

The test costs £57 (£47 for under 26 year olds). Riders will be asked to pay a small fee, which may be as little as £20, to their local group to help cover costs as all our tutors are volunteers however, after that, all tuition is free so it really is great value for money!

Unlike other riding organisations, we ask that you retake the test every three years. This may initially seem demanding and time intensive however it’s a good opportunity to refresh your skills and break any bad habits you may have picked up in between tests. Your re-tests are free provided you have a current RoADAR membership (currently £23 pa). Riders who wish to stay as a member of their local group also pay a subscription (c£20 - £30 pa) to their group.

What are the benefits to doing the RoSPA Advanced riding test?

First and foremost, becoming an advanced rider will help you improve your safety on the road and reduce your chances of having a crash. Being a confident and controlled rider will also allow you to enjoy your ride even more. There’s a great camaraderie within our local groups and many members remain firm friends after taking their tests so you’ll have a group of people to go out riding with at weekends. Improved riding will also help you minimise wear and tear on your bike and consequently improve your fuel consumption so you can ride for longer! RoDAR members also receive some additional benefits including a 25% discount on insurance with Adrian Flux Insurance.

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